Jewellery has become as one of the essential accessories for both men and women. Jewellery designs are evolving with the time and the taste of the fashionistas also changing. Each year, jewellery designers and jewellery stores introduce new jewellery collections to lure the jewellery buyers.

The 2017 year has been a fantastic and exciting year for jewellery lovers. There have so many new jewellery designs and trends across the world. JewelleryCraze‘s ambition is to make it easy to follow the jewellery trends across the world and the latest jewellery designs that came into the market.

Gold jewellery has got so much love as always and it is not going out of fashion any time soon. New gold jewellery designs have gained a lot of popularity in the store such as customized gold jewellery, braille language jewellery, engraved gold jewellery, etc.

Name pendant in gold has been the talk of the jewellery stores because people love to write their loved one’s name or their name in a gold pendant.

Apart from the small gold jewellery, there have been so many more weight jewellery designs in the market. Among the jewelry designs, some of the famous jewelry might consist of the idols or some favorite designs.

One such magnificent design is the peacock gold necklace design. The peacock gold Haram is the big piece of ornament, which gives you a grand look while attending an important occasion. It had been ruling out as the latest jewellery designs 2017.

People love to buy the attractive gold necklaces, irrespective of its weight as it shines from every angle. Due to gold necklace’s marvelous appearance, as it complements the most shouted Indian outfit, the Saree.

Indians prefer to buy the plain gold necklace for the wedding but the gold necklace that embedded rubies, emeralds, & other gemstones become has the latest gold necklace designs in 2017.

Latest Diamond Jewellery Designs 2017

The diamond jewelry had always had a huge space in the people’s heart. Though the buying diamond rings for engagement and wedding is not seeing any downside, we have spotted latest diamond rings in the online stores.

One of the biggest jewellery trends we have noticed in 2017 is Indians started to use diamonds in mangalsutra. From the ancient times, Indian mangalutra designs have always been made out of gold. We have seen a lot of unique latest diamond mangalsutra designs and we have no question of why it is winning the heart of Indian brides.

And, who wish to buy the diamond jewellery first look for the designs in online then visit the offline stores to purchase the same product. We can able to spot that diamond has become has been loved by most people and this is leading to a lot of new diamond jewellery designs in 2017.

Latest Jewellery Trends 2017

The recent New York fashion week has said that the jewellery designs had undergone a major change in 2017  especially the rings, ear cuffs, and bracelets. Some of the jewellery trends in 2017 might include the ear cuffs, statement rings, art school earrings etc.

Among the modern designer jewels, the ear cuffs are the right ornament that might make your ears attractive. The ear cuffs are different from that of the gold earrings. There are many models of ear cuffs available online. It resembles as the hottest jewellery trends in the year 2017.

The latest Indian gold jewellery also adds up the diamond emerald jhumkas, the trademarked south Indian jewellery piece is gaining the love among fashionistas again.

We have also spotted he statement pendants has gained a huge grace over women. The grace might not fade away and so every year a special type of pendants and necklaces.

When comparing to the necklace, the modern necklace tends to replace the old one with its unique style. The multi-layered necklace is one of the best examples for the latest jewellery collections in 2017.

Latest Indian Jewellery Designs 2017

The usage of the jhumkas had been increasingly becoming famous on the Indian jewellery designs. The jhumkas are worn with the Indian traditional wear and used by all sorts of people.

The antique gold collections might also elaborate the route for the persistence of your things. The Nakshi haram might bring the class of attraction to all the people around.

With the influence of Bollywood movies, new bridal jewellery designs are selling more in the jewellery stores. Wedding and engagement ring also seeing the drastic change. Custom made wedding rings with the name is adopted widely throughout India.

The latest wedding rings designs in 2017 include name rings, voice wave rings, movie inspired rings and rose gold rings.

Selecting the wedding rings for Indian couples become harder with the more options which is better. Online is the best way to find the perfect ring after an elaborated search. You can pick out the right modern wedding ring collections from the favorable site.

Latest Gold Necklace Designs

Gold necklace is the one piece that would lighten up any of your outfits. And there is always been so much attention to details and craftsmanship involved in the gold necklace designs because of it’s simple yet sophisticated style.

The latest gold necklace collections are embedded with the emerald, ruby and other metals. You can spot a lot of different gold necklace designs in jewellery store display. To name few of the necklace designs that are in trend are a simple gold necklace, lightweight necklace, short & long necklace designs, daily use necklace designs, harams, long chains with pendant, traditional necklace designs and designer necklace designs.

The multi-layered necklace can be used for any occasions and might provide you a classy look. The multi-layered necklace attached with a small pendant gives you rich look in an occasion. It looks classy when you wear the right pendant under the multi-layered necklace.

The pendant won’t suits the single-layered necklace. Switch over to the modern trendy jewelry available online. Nowadays, the antique pieces had won the victory of attracting the minds of the people.

The tassel type jewelry is the noteworthy collection in the recent jewelry collections. The tassel jewelry is apart from the other normal ornaments.

Latest Wedding Jewellery Designs

Most of the jewellery purchase happens during the wedding time. The wedding jewellery designs had to be on the right trend and fix up to all types of clothes. The wedding jewellery you ought to prefer should be from the right source and so make things relevant to it.

The wedding jewellery designs available online might have various collections of pendants and necklaces. the jewelry piece available here might indulge you to buy the best pieces online.